SmartAirkey smartphone-based keyless access control 

           SmartAirkey  system  was  designed  for  keyless  access/entry control  and manages any kind of  magnetic locks, electric strikes,electronic drop bolts,doors,gates,barriers and  turnstiles. It bears a  feature of  issue and transfer the revoke secure digital      keys and providing temporary guest access.It doesn’t require GSM or Wi-Fi connection for controller.The communication between smartphone and controller is encrypted with help of proven SHA-256 technology.Digital keys are not stored on servers and are not transmitted over the air as well.  


     SmartAirkey access control   


The SmartAirkey controller is an electronic device and  was designed to control  and  manage access  with the help of  a smartphone with installed App for iOS or Android and enabled Bluetooth (BLE) communication.It operates as stand-alone controller or can be connected  to the existing access control system by help of Wiegand 26 interface.

SmartAirkey controller (SimpleLock)