Sensitive wafers for HYDROGEN gas sensors


Modern gas sensors for hydrogen must meet special requirements in order to be successfully used in various transport and industrial  applications, such as  resistance  to  vibration and  shock, wide temperature  range  of operation, minimal  cross-sensitivity, long service life and reliability with no risk of being poisoned or inhibited.

Based  on  years of  research with  the  best  experts  in  the field, we  at  XMETRA  have come  to  the conclusion that  solid-state  hydrogen sensors  are  the  most advanced  at  the  moment,  but their implementation and widespread  use is  limited by the complexity of the manufacturing their main elements – H2 sensitive wafers.
With this in mind,  XMETRA  decided  to start offering  gas  sensor manufacturers  the supply of   “H2 SENSITIVE WAFERS”  to  gas sensor manufacturers, allowing them to focus on electronic circuit board assembly and packaging, logistics, marketing and  identification of specific end-user needs.
We are developing  production technologies for  4  different types of  “Solid-State Hydrogen Sensitive Wafers”, which in the future should meet most of the needs for hydrogen leak detection in transportation, energy and industry.