For industry, energy, transport and mobility.         

Solid-state H2 gas sensors for small concentrations 1-100; 1-300; 1-1000 ppm.

Modern  H2  gas  sensors  must  meet  specific  requirements  in  order  to be  successfully  implemented  in a variety  of  transport, energy and industrial applications. They have to be accurate, reliable,  resistant  against vibration and shock, to operate over a wide range  of ambient temperatures, demonstrate low cross-sensitivity and long service life.
The Solid-state  sensors made  on Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor structures are currently very promising, but their use is limited by the complexity of their manufacturing technology.
Xmetra is developing the solid-state H2 gas sensors  based  on MIS (Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor) sensitive elements (structures) with the outstanding features to meet the demand by OEM gas detection equipment and sensors manufacturers.