Solid-state H2 and NH3 gas sensitive elements  

Modern H2  and  NH3  gas  sensors and leak detectors must meet specific requirements in  order  to  be  successfully  implemented  in  a variety  of transport and  energy applications. They must be accurate, reliable,  resistant against vibration and shock, to operate over a wide range  of ambient temperatures, demonstrate low cross-sensitivity and long service life.
The  Solid-state  sensors based on Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor structures are currently the most promising, but their use is limited by the complexity of the production the gas sensitive elements..
Xmetra to supply  Solid-state  gas  sensitive  elements  based  on  MIS (Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor)  structure  manufacturers the  gas  sensors and leak detectors, letting  OEMs to focus on development the gas sensors modules and Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) systems (a sensing element with appropriate specifications must be used).