Keyless Locking System with Mobile Access and Digital Keys Management

Keyless Locking System with Mobile Access and Digital Keys Management

ENG   This Keyless Motorized Locking System was designed for wireless remote locking the gates of the enclosed cargo trailers, box- trucks (also refrigerated) which can be controlled by a GSM telematics unit or the dedicated Bluetooth controller. The device is mounted on the internal surface of the gates (doors). The Locking System may be easily integrated into the telematics or GPS tracking system.                                                                                                                                                                                      IceBreaker feature is very useful if the lock is unable to move the bolt because it is stuck due to freezing,  it will make 10 more attempts, increasing the force of the movement in each of the attempts, up to a maximum of 30 kg.                                                        Automatic Locking feature (optional) provides the automatic locking the doors once they close.                                                        Secure Emergency Opening Tool (optional) with the help of the dedicated Bluetooth controller (BLE 5.0) and digital keys with 256-bit encryption.

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ESP   El Sistema de bloqueo de vehículos (actuador) controlado remotamente‎ fue diseñado para el bloqueo remoto inalámbrico sin llave de puertas de carga de remolques y camiones y está controlado por un rastreador GPS / GSM.

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           Mobile Access System (BLE.5 Bluetooth Low Energy) — Emergency opening tool              Dedicated for control the  Keyless Motorized Locking System in case of the need for the  Emergency Opening. Power supply 12-24 VDC. Protocol encryption 256-bit (SHA technology). Housing protection IP65. Android and iOS mobile APPs. Digital keys management system.