Solid-state H2 and NH3 gas sensitive elements

Solid-state H2 gas sensitive element

Solid-state Hydrogen gas sensors are dedicated to FCEV, fuel cells, H2 storage, DGA  applications  and perform the long-term life span and stability. Their technology  is  based on the multilayer  “Metal-Insulator-Semicondictor”(MIS) structure, which changes it’s electrical properties according to the H2 gas concentration in the monitored media. Main  features of the XMETRA  H2 gas sensing elements: Life span 7+ years; low  cross-sensitivity; operational  ambient  temperature -40°C_+120°C ; relative  humidity up to 98% (at the certain temperature);vibration/shock resistant. It operates regardless of the gas flow. Small form factor. No moving parts.      The solid-state  H2 gas sensitive  elements  also used for Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) in  Power Transformers Monitors, because they are able to contact directly the monitored insulation liquid (transformer oil).


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Solid-state NH3 gas sensing elements

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