Hydrogen Sensitive Wafers

Novel Solid-state Hydrogen gas sensors are dedicated to FCEV and fuel cells applications and perform the  Long-term  stability. Their  technology  is  based on  the  “thin – film”  structure, which  changes  the electrical  properties  according to  the  H2  concentration. Main features of the XMETRA Hydrogen sensitive wafers:                                                                                                Life span 7-10 years. Very low cross -sensitivity. They operate  at environment temperature -40°C_+85°C  relative  humidity (RH)      up to 99%, and are vibration and shock resistant. Small dimensions.









Sensitive wafers are the main components of the H2 sensors and are available for OEM sensor manufacturers.

We may also develop and supply them according to the customer’s requirements.

Wafers are not supplied to the general public; potential customers may need to show that they represent an organization with the intention of assembling the wafers on the electronic board and into the suitable housing.